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"Quotes, that make a difference" is an attempt to share the quotes, that made a difference to us and people we know.
Quotes gathered here are hoped to make you think and hopefully make a difference for you as well.

Quotes that make a difference started as a part of several projects by Matic Jelovčan Design for several companies and causes. They were first published on a website, that was discontinued in 2015. Due to a change in concept and graphical representation of the brand, old quotes, albeit still in circulation will be getting an update as this site continues to grow. 

Even though the quotes here are mostly in Slovene language, most were translated from English. If you want a copy of the quote in English only, please send us a quick email and we will be happy to make one for you. Also if there is a quote, that made a difference for you, send it to us for review and we will be happy to add it to our list. Should you want to use the graphics for commercial purposes, please send us an email. If you want to support our efforts to do this, feel free to buy anything from www.mjd.si or send us a donation via paypal down bellow or join our team.

Matic Jelovčan
Founder of www.mjd.si
and "Quotes, that make a difference"

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